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Do you think your desktop is dirty and messy?

Are dust, paper crumbs, and crumbs difficult to clean up? Do you think that traditional vacuum cleaners are very troublesome to clean the desktop? A Portable Mini Vacuum Cleaner will help you to solve these problems. Super mini size, you can carry it anywhere. It's absolutely a perfect choice to clean hair and dust in different places that are hard to reach.



Compact portable design

The compact size (3.1 x 3.1 x 2.4 inches) means this desktop vacuum fits anywhere! Keep one in your office, one in your car, and one at home. Great computer vacuum and for cleaning tablecloths, windowsills, & car seats, even kitchen & bathroom drawers.

Cordless Convenience

The battery-powered vacuum cleaner means that it may be possible to get rid of the restrictions of the wires and clean up the dust and trash on your desktop anytime.

Low-noise and easy to use

Low noise, does not affect others, nor damage your hearing. And it is a simple operation, easy to use. Please press the "PUSH" button, then the cleaner case cover will open, and you can put the batteries in. Can Clean Dust or Bread Crumbs from your desktop.

Precise Cleaning& Long-lasting material

The capture nozzle picks up larger debris with ease, unlike another manual vacuum cleaner. You can easily be cleaning dust off desktops, computers, keyboards, etc. It's absolutely a perfect choice to clean hair and dust in different places that are hard to reach thanks to its handheld size.

Easy operation and high quality

Just hold and move it with your hands, students and the elderly can also easily operate it. Our table cleaner can avoid annoying little messy life and clean houses and cars. Our desktop vacuum cleaners are made of high-quality transparent plastic acrylic. More powerful and safer.



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