Meatball Molds

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Surprise Your Family With A Meaty Treat

Making meatballs is a messy business and it gets even messier when you are trying new recipes! Give your hands a break and roll your meat into yummier shapes with our instant roller!

Rollyum helps you shape your meatballs quickly and cleanly! In its exquisite form, you’ll find a great cooking partner who can help you cook new meatball recipes way above your skill level!

When you are tired of eating the same old ingredients, spice up your meatballs with stuffing to bring new flavors to the table and more appreciation from your family!


Mess-free rolling- Instead of making your hands all sticky every time, Rollyum can shape the perfect meatball without making a mess!

Like shaped from a chef- Save up time in the kitchen by quickly rolling all the meat into well-shaped yummy meatballs!

Level up your cooking game - Bring a new flavor to your old recipes and effortlessly fill your meatballs with stuffing to surprise everyone with a yummier taste!

Rollyum is the ultimate choice- Master the art of meatball making and enjoy the taste of countless recipes done easily with Rollyum!



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