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While using a humidifier at home can help you to prevent air from getting too dry and has a healing function.

Sleeping - Using a humidifier in the bedroom can help you improve your sleep. By using a certain essential oil you can get to your bed and achieve the highest level of relaxation. Your sleep can be much deeper than before using a humidifier. Imagine the smell of pine just before you fall asleep.

Your body - If you have problems with :


 dry skin

 irritated eyes

 dryness in the throat or airways


 frequent coughs

 bloody noses

 sinus headaches

 cracked lips


• headache

Humidifiers can help you with those problems without any medications.

Inhaling chemical fragrances can cause medical issues. Replace your chemical air freshener with the natural breeze. Inhaling natural Essential oils is only beneficial.

Your home - Dry air is not good even for your home, flooring, and furniture will dry out too much. By having a perfect humidity level in your home your flooring, furniture, and wallpapers can last longer.

By using a humidifier you create a unique atmosphere at your home. You can choose where you are, each day. One day it can be a lavender field or rose garden or you can remind yourself of the smell of Christmas.

Use water as a Humidifier 

Use humidifiers to increase humidity in the air to reduce allergens and dust in the air. A higher level of humidity in the air help breathe easier and perfectly hydrate your skin and hair. Humidifiers are recommended for people with asthma and snoring problems. 

Use with oils as Aroma Diffuser 

By adding a couple of drops of essential oil to water use it as Aroma Diffuser to create a unique atmosphere and relax.

How to use the 300 ml. H2O Ultrasonic Humidifier?

  •  fill up the cup by 3/4 with cold water,
  • add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or leave it plain,
  • close the cup tightly,
  • plug the USB cable into a humidifier,
  • Click the start button to start continues mist,
  • Click the button again to start the intermittent mist,
  • Click the button to turn off,
  • Press the button for 3 sec to start the white light,
  • Press the button again for 3 sec to switch on the rainbow lights,
  • Press the button for 3 sec to turn the lights off.



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