Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying

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Throw your Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying into the air and watch it smoothly curve in the air to make a rendezvous with your original throwing hand. Yes, it really does this. 

The Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying features an aerodynamic enclosed orb design that gives it that smooth flight when you’re throwing it. Your hands are always 100% safe when dealing with this floaty boi.

🛸Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying🎁

Durable, orb design protects the Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying from trauma caused by bumps, falls, drops, and other forms of blunt impact. Keep the good times spinning.

🛸Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying🎁

After strict tests, we finally choose PP to make the shall of our flying orb. It has the characteristic of soft but durable, safe, and durable for children's play.

flying orb

This excellent engine offers power for the whole product to work and it even doesn't occupy too much weight.




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