Car Cover Front Windshield

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Have you ever asked yourself how to protect your car's windshield against the intense heat during SUMMER?

If yes, here's the solution:

  • This car umbrella will effectively block intense sun heat and harmful UV rays to protect your car’s electronics, dashboard, leather and seats, prevent fading and cracking, and keep your vehicle’s interior cooler and comfortable.
  •  This car windshield sun shade is easy to set up against windshield like an umbrella in a few seconds or fold to store without taking up extra space. The Umbrella structure windshield sun shade has ten steel ribs to provides good support and prevent falling down.The silver coating provides good heat-resistant performance.
  • This item is made with steel and plastic which perfectly protect your car windshield against the scorching heat. There is also a layer of black chrome coating on the windshield shade umbrella frame to prevent rust.

Protect yourself and your car from extreme heat with our handy car cover.
It's a sunshade & umbrella rolled into one.
Helpful in keeping auto interiors cool and comfy.
Minimizes the risks of seat and dashboard cracks.




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